Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I must say I pwned at at it. hahahaha
Let's see some examples....
Not me *to say it nicely.*

uhhh still not me...

Yeah, that's me. *just not quite as much air*

Yeah that's me too. lol

Yes, skiing.
Let me list the things that I mastered;
And falling.
Be impressed. =P In other words I sucked. haha oh well. It totally killed pride.
It's nearly impossible to be prideful with a little 5 year old is zooming past you. yeah...humbling to say the least. lol
Well I prayed alot, yeah like alot, and I looked at the sky quite often too so that was amazing =D. And I figure anything that can make me pray more can't be a horrible thing. Even if I was horrible at it. lol And now I will be thankful when my legs don't feel so achy I appreciate them so much more now. =P
It was alot of fun though, cause we went with the Jakubisins. I love them and thank God that we are friends. =D
On the way home we played an endless amount of a form of 20 questions it was a blast. And we talked about random stuff which is always fun. =D
hmmm they rock. =)
//in other news Happy Birthday Justin G.// =P

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Saved_And_Dead said...

That was your first time? Practice makes perfect.