Sunday, March 25, 2007

Is He Worthy?

Here I am to worship,
Here I am to bow down,
Here I am to say that you're my God,
You're altogether lovely,
Altogether worthy,
Altogether wonderful to me.
So Here I am to worship,
Here I am to bow down,
Here I am to say that you're my God.

Read the words, Altogether worthy.
What does that mean to me? Do I really think He is ALTOGETHER worthy? And if I think it do I act like it? What am I doing right. now.? To show that I think He is altogether worthy? Have I given anything up? I mean what do I truly do without?
If I'm not living like the song. I really shouldn't sing it.
Now I'm not saying you have to do this but I know what's helpful for me is to think before I start belting out the song at church for the first verse I might just read them or listen to everyone else singing them. Evaluate my life and my thoughts and really think should I be singing this song? Do I mean it when I sing this song? When I sing altogether worthy do I really believe he is worth everything?
My stuff,
My thoughts,
My actions,
My family,
My friends?
Do I think He is worth it?
It's soooo easy to say, that I think He is. But do I really believe it.
Would I really be willing to die in the jungle for Him? What would be harder for me is would I be willing to say that I think that if one of my friends or family were to die in the jungle for Him that He is worthy of it.
I would have to say yes. But I have thought about it.
Is He worthy.? Think about it, don't just flippantly say yes.

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