Saturday, March 31, 2007

Urgency...kinda all over the place though. sorryy

Ok so we had proclaim this weekend, it was amazing. Adam Campbell did an amazing job teaching about how we are all called to evangelize.
And I was thinking about it why is it that in America the country where we have tons of religious freedom *now guys I know it could be better but I'm comparing us to like China or someplace like that* we can't just tell people the most important thing ever?? But in other countries people don't have as much of a problem? Even though their head might really be chopped off... Why is it that we/I will get upset if someone gets mad at me if I tell them the truth, but other Christians in persecuted countries tell people more often about God then we do. I mean I'm sure they are scared but they still do it.
Is it maybe just maybe because we are just to safe? To sheltered? We are inundated with stuff that tells us not to *rock the boat* and that getting people to like you is the ultimate thing. We are so sheltered from death, I mean I know many people maybe even you have lost a loved one in a tragic way. But what I mean is that we don't walk out the door and see starving kids on the side of the road. We don't see bombs exploding around us. And that's great it's a blessing, one I'm very thankful for. But it can also be a curse in the way that sometimes it's harder to feel an urgency for people, you think that you'll see your co-worker tomorrow like you always do. The people you have class with oh you'll see them Monday.
I think alot of *myself especially* don't have the sense of urgency that we need. People are going to hell out there, and yes they deserve it but so did I. And they don't have to. Jesus was so kind to find me. How can I not tell others about Him??