Friday, March 23, 2007


Ok so I just heard the most brilliant thing ever.

"I think we get this thought that the more good things we do we are lessing our debt. Guess what guys the more good things you're actually adding to your debt, because you can only do good things through the blood of Jesus Christ. Right? When you do things for the Glory of God is it through your strength or His strength? Isn't it funny that we say that so easy but it's hard to live it? Right? And so man what I have tried to become to do is when I do a good thing instead of going "Yeah God I'm showing you baby how much I'm serious." Now it's become more of this humble thing of saying I'm like "I thank you because it's only through you that I could have done that. It took your death and resurrection for me to have the ability to do that." That changes the way we think."
-Steve Salomon

I LOVE IT! Oh my gosh. That's brilliant. It's funny because either way I'm adding to my debt though. lol If I do bad things then the more I need God's mercy to forgive me, but the more good things I do the more I need God's grace to enable me.
I need to hear these things. And I need more so to apply them.


Anonymous said...

where do you get all these gorgeaus pictures from? They're beautiful!

Chelsey said...

Wow Ming...what an eyeopener. I love your blog!