Tuesday, March 13, 2007

haha God's amazing. =D

Something amazing so yeah yesterday I just thought about getting a summer job, not because I need money but I'd love to give money to Children's Hunger Fund but I didn't know where to get one.
Now a lady in my class threw out her back a couple weeks ago and then got the flu over spring break so I was talking with her and offered to go over tomorrow and help her do laundry or whatever as long as it was ok with my parents, and she said that would be great. So then after class I got her number and she said that in the summer she and her husband go fishing and that she pays $100 for someone to babysit from 5pm to 3:30am. I don't know how consistent of a job it would be but still I think it would be awesome. And that I could do it if I wanted...Isn't God amazing =D now I just have to convince my parents.... =P

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Saved_And_Dead said...

That's sweet... Hope you can convince you parents... =P God is so kind...