Sunday, March 4, 2007


This post is for my amazing sister Y.I.N.G. You all wish you had a little sister like her. =)
I was 2 years old when she was born. I loved her dearly from that day forward, I took my "job" as an older sister seriously, I still do. Probably to
As we grew up I quickly learned that she wanted whatever I had. So being the genius I was, I found that if there were 2 things, and say I wanted the pink dress all I had to do was act like I wanted the blue dress and then my sister would demand to have the blue one. hehe I thought it was hilarious.
All to quickly though she learned to have her own tastes and would be like "ok fine I want the green one anyway." -_- it killed me.
As we grew up we started to fight more. We might look alike but our personalities are so different, Ying was/is a happy go lucky type person no matter what she finds something to joke and laugh about, me on the other hand...yeah, no. lol I take everything seriously, and think way to much. I remember my best friend at the time offering to pay us not to fight when I was 10 and Ying was 8. This was a major problem. *note most of the time it was her fault =P* We still had our times of fun though, such as playing lions with Jun-Yue and playing Library by ourselves. hahahahahaha omg we were such dorks.
Somehow we lived through those days of have come to be pretty good friends. Even though she hasn't stopped tormenting me, such as the ice she dropped down my back last night while I was doing the dishes...

Thing I remember and laugh at;
  1. Her pulling like 5 people in a wagon around the basement because she was the "sled dog".
  2. Her and Kyle going from "I hate you!" "I hate you worser!" to inseparable best friends for years.
  3. Her coming home from Awana crying because *someone* teased her hahahah
  4. Finding her drawings and her looking like she was going to kill me.
  5. Things.
  6. Playing library hahahaha
  7. "Exploring" in the woods
  8. Building those sad forts over by hahahah I'm not even going to say it. lol
  9. Fighting over who got to sleep in between the bed area hahaha
  10. When she got sooo mad at mom because she wanted to know "So when do i get older than Ming?" and mom answered her "Ming will always be older than you." she was tickedddd =P

Facts about her;
  1. She's awesome.
  2. She loves God.
  3. She welcomes accountability.
  4. She loves her friends.
  5. She's hilarious if you can get her to talk. =P
  6. She's gorgeous.
  7. Her ability to keep me humble.
  8. Her ability to laugh in the midst of any situation.
  9. She has skills in drawing.
  10. She has defense skills in Frisbee.

Ying is amazing and I have forgiven her for being cooler, prettier, and all together more awesome than me. =P

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